Bellerive is on the Eastern shore of the River Derwent just ten minutes drive from the centre of Hobart, Tasmania's capital.

Bellerive has a rich architectural and social history. The Bellerive Historical Society has accumulated a large collection of photos and memorabilia from the mid 1800's onwards and is always keen to add to this collection.

So, come and wander around our website or even better visit Bellerive and enjoy the view of Hobart Town and Mount Wellington from the Boardwalk, the Esplanade or the Bluff battery.

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James Parker


Disputed Country – Contact and Conflict on the Derwent’s Eastern Shore


In 1830, at an enquiry into the open war then raging with the Aboriginal People of Tasmania, an attempt was made to discern the origins of the conflict.  Three main theories were put forward:

  1. 1          “They were implacably opposed to us” ever since the killings at Risdon in 1804.

  2. 2          It was all the fault of dreadful behaviour on the part of the convicts in the bush. 

  3. 3          We were taking their land and resources – they were merely defending their country.

 This talk will examine these ideas with particular reference to the Eastern Shore of the Derwent – where most of the early conflict took place.

At Bellerive Community Arts Centre, 17 Cambridge Road, Bellerive.

Wednesday 5 July 2017, 7.30pm.

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