The Bellerive to Sorell Railway Book


We are pleased to announce a newly-revised and enlarged edition of The Bellerive to Sorell Railway book. Edited by John Houghton, a member of the Bellerive Historical Society, it features new original text as well as many photographs contributed by local personalities.

To commemorate the launch of the book, and to give you a glimpse of the railway in its prime, we have sourced these additional pictures from our BHS archives.

and on the right again in 1863, showing the O’May ferry boat house now the site of the  Bellerive Yacht Club.
The railway ran from Kangaroo Bay, Bellerive - pictured here on the left around 1860 

The line continued past Eastlands and under the Meehan Range at Tunnel Hill, through a stone lined tunnel (left), on its way to the station at Cambridge (right).
On leaving Cambridge, it proceeded towards Pittwater (right) which it crossed using the specially-constructed causeway (left and later right) until the railway terminated at Sorell Station (below right).
Local residents partook of day trips to Cambridge or Mount Romney (below), or travelled to Bellerive to get the ferry to Hobart.
The new edition is on sale from BHS and local booksellers.