The Bellerive Historical Society program of events for 2016 is provided below.

The Society usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month except January. Meetings are held at the Bellerive Community Arts Centre, 17 Cambridge Road at 7:30 p.m.
This program is subject to change, so check with John: ph 6244 2925.

February 3
Kathy Fazackerly: Ferry photos; Allan Smith: History Centre update.

March 2
Roger McNeice: Money problems in Early Tasmania; Allan Smith: History Centre update.

April 6
To be advised.

May 4
To be advised.

June 1
To be advised.

July 6
Photographs of Bellerive - Colin Dennison.

August 3
General discussion about Society

September 7
Annual General Meeting and music.

October 5
To be advised.

November 2
To be advised.

November / December
Year End festivities - by invitation only.