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PDA Instructions

To load the walking tour to your PDA.....

  1. Download this zip file to your PDA.
  2. Unpack zip file to the directory of your choice.

Getting around the site.....

The About Us link returns you to the welcoming page.

Contents and links to each site on walk. The first set of numbers, 1 to 23 also has a corresponding number on maps 1 to 4, in a red circle or hotspot, and is also a link to that site.

Click on this icon for sound file on this site.

This is the Bellerive main map. It is divided into 4 specific areas:

map 1 in the northeast

map 2 in the northwest

map 3 in the southeast

map 4 in the southwest

Click on any of these for a more detailed map of that area.



Each of these maps (1 to 4), has red hotspots with numbers corresponding to each site and is an alternative link to that site.

The Home link returns you to the Bellerive opening narrative page.


Takes you to the next listed site in the same order as the index.


Takes you back to the previously listed site as in the index.