Bellerive Bluff Battery book and DVD
Book and DVD
Kangaroo Bluff Battery
Looking Forward - Looking Back

This soft cover book by John Sargent is a documented detail of Kangaroo Bluff Battery.
A concise chronological account of this significant site, including details of its relevance to the defences of Hobart and the Bellerive community past and present.

The Kangaroo Bluff Battery
"No shots were fired in anger"
This 40 minute film gives an insightful glimpse of The Kangaroo Bluff Battery.

From a military expert talking about the defences to the locals talking about using the fort as a playground whilst growing up in the area. It has had a chequered past. This film is an important part of Hobart's history told in an entertaining and informative way.

This project has been assisted by funding from the Tasmanian Community Fund.
Published: 2012
Pages: 82
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